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Coney Island Park

Coney Island Park

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Coney Island Park

Rich in history, Coney Island Park is home to many habitats, including forests, grasslands, mangroves, and woodlands. It boasts a diverse bird species population, including 80 types of birds and the Baya Weavers weaving intricate nests in Acacia trees. 

Meeting & Ending Point:
Coney Island (West Entrance)

Your bicycle rental comes with a complimentary use of a helmet.

Pick Up Location

Please pick up your bicycle at this location.

Ride Summary

A perfect spot for birdwatchers, Coney Island Park has much to explore. The park is ecological-friendly with initiatives to conserve energy/water and recycle the park's natural elements.

Enjoy the 2.5km boardwalk along the Serangoon Reservoir and five beach access points to explore the forest and mangrove habitats.

Tips for visiting Coney Island Park

  1. The park is closed from 7pm to 7am.
  2. Terrain is rugged at parts and may be unsuitable for young children and people with mobility issues.
  3. To maintain the park’s rustic character and natural habitats, there is no electricity or piped water on the island.
  4. Wear long pants and covered shoes for protection from insects such as sandflies.
  5. Keep to the designated trails and refrain from entering the vegetated/ forested areas.
  6. Appreciate any animals from afar.
  7. Do not eat or carry plastic bags in the presence of macaques. Macaques may have been conditioned to associate plastic bags with food, and feeding them will make them bold.
  8. Do avoid visiting the park during a storm, or seek shelter immediately if it rains while you are within the park.
  9. Remember to take only what you have brought in, and leave nothing behind but footprints.
  10. Please note that entry to the Haw Par Beach Villa is strictly not allowed.


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